"Beautiful portraits come from a great experience in front of the camera." 

My mission is to provide you with that great experience.


A good experience makes the difference.  When it comes to your portrait session, you need to have a great experience from start to finish.  I offer full-service with your portrait investment--choosing the perfect wardrobe, finding locations with beautiful light, creating gorgeous artwork for your home, and most importantly making you feel at ease during your session because beautiful portraits come from a great experience in front of the camera. 

  Connie's portraits by Morgan Worley

Connie's portraits by Morgan Worley

Photographer:  Five short years ago I took my first photography course and ever since, my camera has never been too far from my side.  I never dreamed I would have a business but here I am.  Now, my business has grown into something that is so important to me.  I'm proud of my hard work and want to share it all with you by creating some gorgeous portraits!

Teacher:  I've been retired from teaching for a couple of years now and am ready to teach again by teaching YOU a beginner's photography class.  I want to take you from "how do I get that blurry balls in the background?" to "Bam! I'm master AND commander of my camera."

Wife and Mom:  I'm born and raised in Kentucky and am married to my oh-so-supportive husband Stan.  We are truly enjoying our empty nest as we are parents to young adults:  our son Landon and daughter-in-law Kaitlyn, and our daughter Kiley and son-in-law Daniel.  Our family is rounded out by our cats Miguel and Sophie and their mama, Belle.

...and a few randoms....

I'm a graduate of the University of North Dakota. (long story how I landed way up north)

I love the classics.  (as in rock)

Pat Conroy and Robert McCammon are my favorite story-tellers. (totally different genres but do check them out)

I'm a good cook.  (I'm not the best baker but I L O V E desserts.)

Ask me to join you at a local coffee shop and we just became friends.  (Hey, I'm already in the car!)

My bucket list is essentially my travel plans. (travel = total joy)

Good manners and a dry sense of humor make you extra in my book.  (good grammar makes you extra extra)