Two Perfect Prom Saturdays

Who doesn't love getting dressed up from head to toe, celebrating with dinner and dancing with your besties, and sharing that day with someone extra special?

The spring weather in Kentucky has been less than desirable (waaayyyy less) but someone was listening when we said "please and thank you" for zero rain during Prom-Saturdays. 

I was lucky enough to have some beautifully styled couples in front of my camera once again.  Different locations but beautiful light for both!

Lydia--Yes, She Did!

I had the honor of photographing Lydia, a former student who will be recognized nationally for her achievement in the area of technology at the Center for Exceptional Children (CEC) conference in St. Louis this month.

Besides being a tech wiz, Lydia is also a:  high schooler, owner of cats Rudy and Max, fan-girl of Austin Powers and Beyonce', lover of music and dance, little sister to Leticia and Samuel, aunt to Delaney, and daughter of Leslie and Ronnie. 

Nominated by her teacher, Lydia was recognized by the Kentucky CEC for her achievement.  And now, Lydia will receive the Yes, I Can! in technology; she is one of only 14 students to be honored at the national conference.  I mean, how great is that?! 

Congratulations, Lydia!!!