Summer Senior Session--Macy


I've known Macy since she was a little girl and it's amazing to think that she's already into her senior year at GCHS.  And when I say I've known her since she was a little girl it's because I was her kindergarten teacher. (You know you live in a small town when...)  So here she is all grown up, holding an office in DECA, playing volleyball, and being a member of both BETA and Pep Club.  An avid reader and writer, Macy plans to attend WKU and major in English or journalism---which makes my teacher-heart very proud!

I liked Macy's choice in wardrobe:  layers, textures, and patterns that looked great. Cosmetologist/stylist Haley Shofner enhanced Macy's beautiful features (eyes and skin to die for!) by keeping her look fresh, young, and natural.  Hair and makeup by Haley Shofner.

A thundershower cut our session a bit shorter than we wanted (i.e. two more wardrobe changes) but we got some GREAT images!