Styled Session--Vintage Gunne Sax

It's bonus-time when my favorite girl wants and needs a styled session for her website.  Channeling a little Stevie Nicks in the vintage wardrobe department, Kiley wore a dress that I LOVED wearing circa 1980.  If you're anywhere near my age, you might remember the Gunne Sax line of clothing, a division of Jessica McClintock, popular for a while anyway.  Even if Kiley does refer to it as "vintage",  I will admit she wears it a bit better than I did.

Mother and daughter differ in opinions on which images are the best so daughter chose her favorites on her site ( and of course, I'm posting mine here.  

This was a particularly warm and gorgeously lit Thanksgiving afternoon.  Golden hour did not disappoint.  Not.  For.  One.  Minute.


Holy Sunset!  Golden hour at it's finest.

Light and flare--perfect!

And my personal favorite.