Happy Halloween--Photos, Memories, and Family

This photo comes from a time when many family photographers, more like "family picture-takers", had their film developed into Kodak's slide format. (I hope you're familiar with slides because I'll feel like an old geezer if I have to educate you.) As I thought about it, slides were only a little more user-friendly than today's digital discs--you still had to use another source to view your images.  I had several slides converted to print and we still have 4 boxes of slides from both Stan's and my families yet to be digitized:  beautiful scenes of Italy and France taken by Stan's dad while he was in the Army,  holiday gatherings in crowded homes, a family fishing trip to Wisconsin (where mosquitoes ate.me.up), and slides of favorite pets, flashy automobiles, and country homesteads. 

These photos also come from a time when my brother and I were each other's first playmates and we would play with these silly Halloween costumes--in between breaks of playing Batman and Robin and cowboys and indians--until way after Halloween was over.   They're maybe not the best of photos but certainly some of the best memories.