Born and raised in Kentucky, I make my home in the quaint little community of Greensburg.  I am married to my ultra-supportive husband Stan, and we are parents to a daughter Kiley and her husband Daniel, and our son Landon and his wife Kaitlyn. Our family is rounded out by our cats Belle, Miguel and Sophie.

I have to credit my dad for always encouraging me to learn with his 35mm Nikon film camera when I was growing up. Vacations, proms, or just goofing around with my friends usually had me toting that camera. As a parent, I photographed my kids non-stop and it was hit-or-miss as to whether the photos were decent (still talking film here.) Shooting on auto was all I could do. But after we purchased our first DSLR and I enrolled in a beginner’s photography class, the love really set in. All it took was my husband to mention “you ought to consider a photography business”. The universe was listening and so was I. After countless hours of practice, more instruction and more practice, here I am.


When I don’t have a camera in my hand, or I’m not reading about photography, or I’m not doing something related to photography, you’ll find me enjoying food and travel adventures with my family, learning about health, fitness, and nutrition (yes, I’m one of those people), or having a little something to sip-sip with my girlfriends.

Kentucky has some of the prettiest light and landscapes around but I am always ready for a little *travel*!  If a destination session is in your future, I can have my gear and passport ready to go in no time!


Things I love…

the beach

the desert

good manners

the sounds of a summer night


The Prince of Tides and Boy’s Life

Things I don’t love..

dismal rainy days

wasting time

bad grammar

cotton balls (it’s a texture thing)

a messy kitchen